The kennels

We are very much on a one to one basis with the dogs as anyone who visits our facebook page will see. All dogs are exercised individually off lead at least 3 times a day in one of our 2 large secure paddocks. Please note.It is against licensing rules to exercise dogs from different households together. Naturally guests from the same household can be exercised together

We can walk on lead if required but find that our guests prefer a ball or toy game.

All dietary requirements we like to keep as normal, with so many brands on the market it is not possible to stock all so please discuss this in more detail at the time of booking.

Medicines will be administered only accompanied by strict and clear written instructions at a small extra charge

Rates are discounted for dogs sharing.

We also offer a grooming service for dogs for residents and non residents .

Please note: Dogs can only be accepted if all vaccinations are up to date.